Danny's Event Catering


5 Second Pour

At Danny's Event Catering we take service very seriously. Our portable units and mobile bars are fitted with the most advanced technology and equipment around. This allows us to really stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovations like our fast-pour bar unit that can produce a pint in under 5 seconds!

How Do We Work?

For many organisers one of the most important income streams is the revenue generated by the bars. With a whole host of bar concepts deployed in concerts, conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies and corporate events, we really have the ability to cater for every possible need. Our bars offer the best event drinks service with a proven track record of managing and operating high volume bars within the events industry. Our unparalleled industry experience and speed of service enables us to manage queues effectively and serve drinks quicker, therefore contributing to the profitability of the bars. All our bar outlets are individual in their character, each carrying a strong brand and fitted with state-of-the art cooling and storage equipment. Our gantries are stocked full of familiar brands and our units are fully furnished with any necessary documentation and certification. Our staff are highly trained in the operation of all of our catering units. With several personal licence holders in our midst, we are very well placed to deal with all aspects of licensing. From filling out the initial application form to liaising with licensing standard officers and the police, we're here to support you all the way.

Bar & Event Setup

Our team will help you choose the right drinks and bar setup for your event, and we're happy to make suggestions and recommendations based on our many years of experience. Regardless of whether you're looking for some of our many types of craft beers or a more traditional offering, our experts will manage the entire bar and ensure everything goes off without a hitch. We have several personal license holders within our company, all highly trained in dealing with every aspect of the process from start to finish. Danny's Event Catering clients can also expect full support in dealing with license applications, and liaising with licensing standards officers and the police.

Your Brand Ambassador

As an established business we understand the value a company's brand carries. That is why at Danny's Event Catering we work with a variety of corporations in order to portray their brand(s) in a positive light, day and night.