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We have the resources and skills to operate at both ends of the event spectrum, with expertise ranging from events with 100,000 attendees to small, more intimate occasions. Naturally, catering is one of the most discussed and anticipated aspects of any special occasion and it is our role is to ensure that no stone is left unturned. We have obtained the trust of a host of self catering venues which is testament to the quality of our service. Our sample packages highlight the variety of options we have to ensure your occasion is markedly different.

Occasion Catering Options

Danny's Event Catering will be sure to give you a stack of options for the supply of catering to your special occasion or event. Please also feel free to let us know if you have something more specific in mind.

Choice Of Suppers

Fresh, locally sourced produce freshly beer battered on site is sure to whet to the appetite. Tuck into our range of tasty fish and sausage suppers assured in the knowledge that the ingredients are of the finest quality. 

Choice Of Burgers

Burgers made from the finest cuts of Scottish meat. Double cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, pork & chorizo, chicken & veggie burgers available. Or build your own and throw on the works with a range of salad, sauces and fillings.

Evening Buffet

Our wonderfully tasty, freshly cooked sausage, bacon, burger and chip rolls are sure to satisfy those feeling peckish. Like everything else we prepare, there is a great deal of tracability built into our produce.

Pizza Days

Build up your own handmade pizza made on top of a tasty BBQ or traditional tomato base and choose from a choice of delicious toppings. Add to your pizza dish with the variety of side options we have available.

Coffee & Cake Days

Freshly ground and authentic coffees prepared by our professionally-trained Barista staff. Sweets ranging from tasty tray bakes to fresh Danish pastries and a variety of 'tulip' style filled muffins.

Breakfast Mornings

Get your day off to a flying start with a fully cooked breakfast, absolutely packed with goodness. A large range of options are available for breakfast including the option of adding vegetarian & allergen-free dishes.

Curry Night

Spice up your life with an authentic curry night. With a selection of tasty homemade curries to choose from, all made with the finest ingredients, served with mini naans and freshly cooked rice.

Sausage and Pie Night

Our choice of scrumptious Scottish pies or foot long jumbo sausages, served with your preferred sides (sides can be selected to your preference). You just can’t go wrong with a pie, chips and beans combo!

Winter Warmer

Let’s heat you up on one of those chilly winter days. Choose from our wholesome stovies, sausage casserole or hearty macaroni all served with homemade soup and a morning roll. All sure to put the heat back inside you.

Burritos and Wraps

Let’s “wrap” this up burrito style with selection of wraps and burritos are on the menu, choose from our chilli beef burrito or our southern fried BBQ chicken wrap. Or why not throw in your own suggestion for the team to cook up.

Drinks Packages We can work with you to tailor-make a custom package to suit your exact requirements. A bespoke drinks package like this can include a range of options such as draught alcohol, branded spirits, wine and soft drinks.

Package Pricing

There are a few different ways in which our packages are priced and we will be happy to advise on which is most appropriate to your particular event or special occasion.

  1. Price per head – This is a total price based on the number of guests and your requirements, it goes without saying that the higher the numbers the greater the discount we can offer. This pricing structure is not applicable to low party numbers and costs will be impacted accordingly.
  2. Hire charge – Part of this cost will contribute towards our fixed costs. The rest of the charge will then be an allocated to act as a tab with a cap set to suit your budget. This pricing structure is common at open days and work parties where guest numbers can be an unknown quantity but there is still a budget that must be adhered to.
  3. Refundable hire charge with a sales override – This structure is popular where hosts don’t want to have to foot the bill for their guests but they would still like our services available. This is where an initial upfront hire charge is made for our services however this is refunded based on a realistic sales target. This structure is common at wedding cash bars and events where anticipated numbers are unknown.

Ready To Book?

Before you get in touch with Danny's Event Catering, please feel free to take some time to get to know exactly what we can do for you. Once you're ready, just drop us a line or give us a call.