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Our Sustainability Policy

Danny’s Event Catering is committed to behaving in a sustainable, environmentally responsible and ethical way at every stage of the process, while also improving the quality of life of those who work with or come into contact with our business, as well as the local communities and society at large. Our environmental methodology is part of a wider process, with the following two points as key elements in upholding our standards and responsibilities:


Of our team, policy and processes.

We take great care to ensure continuous improvement both in terms of people and process.

Our Impact

On the environment.

We pay close attention to the nature and extent of our impact wherever we go.

How We Help The Environment

  • Working with event organisers to ensure our waste products are efficiently recycled.
  • By only using recyclable or biodegradable food packaging products.
  • Our food waste is collected by Olleco and is taken to a local anaerobic digestion facility where it is used to create clean energy at the expense of using fossil fuels.
  • Our waste oil is also collected by Olleco and re-used as bio-fuel.
  • By using local suppliers both at base and at events to keep delivery miles to a minimum.
  • Our waste is promptly separated on site for recycling purposes and uplifted by Viridor.
  • Our cardboard is 100% recycled.
  • By ordering from local suppliers whenever possible so we can reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Our food waste / spoilage, cans, milk and glass bottles are recycled.