Danny's Event Catering


Innovative solutions since 1975

We're a third generation family run business offering a complete one-stop catering and bar service. Our adaptable concepts have been a key ingredient in our continued growth in this competitive sector. As a leading provider in the UK we can be seen regularly at events across the country.

A Family-Run Business

Danny's Event Catering is a well-established, family-run business. We have been providing catering solutions for all kinds of events since 1975, and we pride ourselves on offering an adaptable, flexible service. As a leading catering provider, you can see us at events all over the UK, and we're proud to represent several different brands.

A One-Stop-Shop

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for event planners. Whether you've been tasked with organising a corporate event, you're on the hunt for innovative caterers for a concert, a show or a charity event, or you're putting plans together for a wedding or a landmark birthday celebration, we can provide you with an array of innovative catering solutions and quirky bar concepts.

The Service We Provide

In the 40 years we've been providing catering and bar solutions, we have provided delicious delicacies at festivals, concerts, agricultural events, country shows and sporting events. We understand the importance of organisation and time management at large-scale and small-scale events, and we work with our clients to ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

The Credentials We Have

Your Brand Ambassador

As a long-established, family-run business, we understand the importance and value of brand reputation. We are proud to work with many large companies and brands, and we are committed to showcasing these companies in the best possible light. We employ policies and protocol to maximise efficiency and optimise results, and we will help you use the platform an event provides to get your brand noticed and create positive first impressions. Events provide incredible opportunities to spread the word and reach out to large audiences, and we can promise that we'll do our bit to put your brand on the map.