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Choosing the right catering provider could make or break your event, which is why our team will always go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your catering arrangements go off without a hitch. It's sensible to be in touch with us at least a couple of months prior to your event if you'd prefer not to rush. However, our team is demonstrably excellent at working under pressure.





Agricultural Events


Sporting Events

How Do We Work?

When clients get in touch with our team about providing event catering, we arrange an initial meeting so our team can learn as much as possible about the event, expected attendees and event history (if there is any). We usually want to know about crowd expectations, crowd demographics and a rough idea of anything else you have in mind for your event.

Our Events Team

Our team are responsible for the overall delivery of the food and beverage offering at a host of major events and venues across the country. As your food and beverage partner, it is vital that we work with you throughout the process. Our experience will help you consider the best food and beverage options available for your event. We have a wealth of knowledge in providing our service across many event sectors like festivals, concerts, agricultural events, exhibitions, sporting venues, stadiums and arenas, motor racing circuits, racecourses and golf courses.

Our Concessions

Before providing any concession, we arrange an initial meeting with event organisers. We use this meeting to collect the following information (which in turn helps us determine the number and type of units required for your event). We might also use this as an opportunity to collect information about crowd expectancies, crowd demographics & site fees.

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Your Brand Ambassador

As an established business we understand the value a company's brand carries. That is why at Danny's Event Catering we work with a variety of corporations in order to portray their brand(s) in a positive light, day and night.